Zone Seminars, are held Bi-Annually, on the non-conference years. The District Leadership team travels to each Zone.


Seminars were held at:

Zone 2 at Abel Lodge in Conway

Zones 3 and 4 at Grieg Hall in Poulsbo

Zone 6 at Artic Viking Lodge in Fairbanks

Zone 5 at Hosted by Sol-Land Lodge in Kennewick

Zone 1 at Sonja Lodge in Eugene
Zone 6, part 2 at Fedrelandet Lodge in Petersburg


These are designed to share information, answer questions and exchange ideas amongst lodges to help all our lodges grow and prosper. A lot of good ideas shared. We hope the lodges will take advantage of some of these ideas and make them your own.


Zone 6 Seminar at Viking Arctic Lodge in Fairbanks
Petersburg Vikings and members of the District 2 Board
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